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Let’s start from beginning …

Once upon time… Me and my husband went to „our” gym. You were teaching boxing on the weekend class. I nearly didn’t notice you. But B ( my husband ) were interested about your boxing stuff … he sent me to ask You about your classes. Odd situation, I was embarrassed so much… You give me all information i needed and your phone number to contact with you about boxing lessons. What  made me even more embarrassed – you said you will work soon in a gym, as a contracted staff….daily… ( o fuck !)

of course  I didn’t call you.

Few weeks later  you became my work colleague.  I was avoiding you on the beginning, then I started to like you, more and more… I didnt want to avoid you any more. Then your smell started drive me crazy, i had problem to  say anything to you, i couldn’t concentrate when you were around me. I started to panic!  I noticed how amazing you looks, how beauty is your smile, how sexy you moves. Asked Who is my type, I answered : G

First Christmas party at work with you on it. I Liked you already. Wanted to talk with you, but i didnt know do you like me to. I was to shy. I was just observing you. Didn’t do anything.

Anna’s leaving drinks. MAy or JUne. I knew already that you may like me. I knew also about your wife and new born son. I thought already that you are HOT. I started to test you. Wanted to no, are there any chances to get closer to you. I knew,I shouldn’t  even try. I had few beers, you encouraged me for more…I stood close to you. We spoke about boring marriage life, about making decisions. I remember you said… ” if i would have such a women like you ” ” if  you would come naked to my bedroom ” …That time you told me lots of compliments. I felt sex in the air, started to touching your chest ( was so loud in that pub, i had to be close) and talking straight to your ear, face next to face, our cheeks almost touched. I felt your amazing smell. I knew already… i wanted you. But nothing more happened. Too many other work people around, not enough alcohol (maybe) …we were not ready yet.

Summer gone, happiness gone… more stress, more anger….mostly anger in my life. Me and husband-B were living just next to each other, no real conversation, no fun time together….boredom + luck of feelings+anger…

We chatted   more, and more… trained together, lough together.You asked me to go for your 40th birthday drinks – didn’t happen.  Somehow later we went for a drinks after work. I had fun, I was stressed, but fos nice to find out more about you….but well, you were a gentleman, none of as did move. Just before i took my train You hugged me and kissed my cheek. I was confused. What does it mean? Does he like me or he just noticed that I’m  dull,  foreign blond married woman? Nothing, nothing ,nothing…and….

Another Christmas party. Just before my holidays.  We were sitting in a opposite pub corners. First couple of hours i was just watching you. You didn’t do any  move. I thought „nevermind, he doesn’t want me, doesn’t feel what i do” Then Mr L. took me to your table. We start chat, as before ,about boredom in our life, about missing things, about life being not like we expected. More compliments. Your new Arm tattoo. Your shirt-less pictures on your phone. That was to much, i was in , couldn’t step back. Suddenly i noticed that we are in the corner, very close to each other, but rest people (our colleagues ) moved further. You went out, i went to toilet…i met you in a next door room (empty on that evening). „what are you doing here?” „waiting for you” . Just you and me, no staring eyes …after few minutes of conversation boooooom… You hold my face and started to kiss with a passion, i was melting in your arms, i was yours ! So many hot kisses, such a sexua tension between us. „If we would be 17 , that would be enough…but we are not 17….and its not enough” So we both agree to get more. We went through the back door to our gym, then treatment room nr.1 , took clothes off and were in haven.  Your body is amazing, tattoos makes it even hotter, kisses unreal. Hope i didn’t hurt much your freshly tattooed arm :) You took me to my train, wasn’t so late, you didn’t stop me from leaving. I was confused again. Did you want to just get rid of me? Is that it? is it the end of our story?

I went home, couldn’t stop thinking about you. Still remembered your smell, your kisses, your touch. Went back home, to my sleeping husband.

That was amazing night for me… I was scared that you won’t even talk to me anymore. That i was just to „tick” on your to do list.

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